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Helping Teenagers Tackle The Challenges Of Adolescence One Session @ A Time...

Our Services

One on One Sessions

A safe and non-judgemental space for teens & families to express themselves and work towards goals.

During one on one sessions teens/families benefit from: 

Teen Mixers

Social gatherings for teens to connect, in the community, with other teens to have fun and build healthy friendships.

During mixers teens benefit from:

Teen Workshops

Incentivized groups that focus on confidence, essential life skills, and team building activities used to enhance self love, resilience, & relationships.

During workshops teens benefit from: 

Our Mission

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to SHEP Legacy Solutions Where We Help Teenagers Tackle the Challenges of Adolescence One Session @ A Time...

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help teenagers tackle the social & emotional challenges of adolescence while strengthening family bonds. Our one on one and group sessions are designed to empower teenagers to navigate adolescence with greater confidence, resilience, and community while strengthening family bonds with improved communication and trust.

Our Services Help Teens & Families:

Improve Open Communication, Strengthen Family Bonds, Effectively Solve Problems, Navigate Challenges & Tough Conversations, Reduce Stress, and Enhance Overall Well Being.

Our Reviews

Tewanda, I am truly grateful for our meeting! Your authenticity, sincerity, passion, and transparency are exactly what Shelley's House youth need! You are the missing piece at Shelley's House."

Sheretha Carraway

2024 has been hard on us all. If your teen is needing help and you’re not sure where to turn… Tewanda is excellent at her craft!

Alyssa "Z" Zawack

Congrats Tewanda Shepherd! I know you’ve been doing this a long time, but gosh I am just so happy for you! You are so talented and passionated and your advice has had such an impact on my life. Toni Jones (major), wellness app, sleep stories for kids, you are one of the best social workers I know! I wish we lived closer. I’ll always be cheering you on and learning from you. If there’s any support I can offer from down here please let me know! Would love to keep seeing your community impact posts!!! Proud of you and so blessed our paths crossed.

Rachel Leveron

Im honored to have been a part of a group home that had counselors like you. You were very patient, kind, understanding, fun, had a ray of sunshine while helping us find our path during difficult times. You made that place somewhere we didn't look down on anymore because we felt like we belonged and were heard. I want to wish you the absolute best because our youth need you and I can't think of a better person❤️❤️❤️.

Ciara S

Last but not least, there is my favorite southern belle, Ms. Tewanda. Ms. Tewanda is my case manager at LAYC. Since she has been working here, her face has always been the 1st I see whenever I am having problems at my school. She always comes there to have meetings & help solve problems with me. For some reason she never gives up on me. She is my main go to person, the one I can depend on when I need help with school. Whenever we get something accomplished she always says done deal. Because of her, I always feel like I have someone there to support me. Even if I fail she is always rooting for me.

Tanisha S

I met Tewanda Shepherd last month and was so impressed with her background and methodology in helping teens and their parents that I had no problem giving her the Annapolis Moms Thumbs Up!

SHEP Legacy Solutions can help so call or email to make an appointment today!

Lisa Dolgoff Peri

Tewanda and I co-facilitated  a series of peer health education workshops for Black and Latino high school students on the topics of sexual and reproductive health, emotional intelligence, social media literacy, and having uncomfortable conversations. Tewanda’s energy was the perfect mix of raw and nurturing, and she made our program participants feel at ease sharing openly in session. The quality of questions that Tewanda asked, paired with  her ability to hold space and create safety for our participants made my job so easy, and helped our participants build confidence in themselves and in their ability to teach others what they were learning. Tewanda's mentorship is an asset to any teen she serves.

Adama Hamadi

Tewanda is a detail-oriented social work professional with a high level of cultural competency and knowledge of work with adolescents. I highly recommend her.

Susan Ruether