About The Owner

"Before discovering my passion and purpose it was painful to get out of bed in the morning. But now I wake with energy and excitement because I know what I want to achieve in life!" 

Meet the heart and soul of SHEP Legacy Solutions.

Hey there! I am Tewanda Shepherd, or Ms. T as my teens call me, An Independent Social Worker for Teens & Families. I have two social work degrees (BSW & MSW) both with a speciality in work with children, adolescents, & families, and over 20 years of experience in the field. But the truth is, the teens that I work with couldn't care less about my degrees or my experience. All they need to know is that I genuinely care about them.

During my journey as a social worker I discovered that teenagers are my favorite people to work with and I learned that three things make all the difference when working with this population: 

1. Self Confidence

2. Relationships (Family, Friends, Dating) &

3. Resilience

How teenagers see themselves, who they spend their time with, and their ability to bounce back from challenges have MAJOR impacts on their thoughts, their feelings, their actions, and ultimately their outcomes. 


Do you remember the challenges you faced as a teenager? How did you see yourself? Who did you spend most of your time with? How was your grit? Now imagine being a teenager TODAY! (a little bit scary right?) 

Because of the many challenges of being a teenager in today's society (alarming rates of depression, anxiety, & suicidal thoughts, academic stressors, social media addictions, body image issues, drugs & alcohol, dating & sex, etc...) I created SL Solutions with a determination to help teens navigate the turbulent waters of adolescence, while also making sure families are happy and on the same page. Together, let's create family dynamics where the whole family feels supported, understood, and ready to tackle the ups and downs of adolescence!